The Basic Principles Of Flat Earth Proof

Eric I am battling to know how the eclipse functions on this flat earth. Been acquiring untold arguments with my buddies as most are cannot apart from this as you recognize, and also the eclipse is the things they got me on " look the shadow about the mood shows the earth is usually a globe"

Steven William Engelhardt:  is yet another active Fb shill who who joined IFERS as "" which can be his Web page. He also started out a "Flat Earth Wiki" web site and hounded me for weeks to lead to it when he hadn't but contributed just about anything to it himself. He eventually built a few paragraphs with regards to the Bedford Amount, promoted it around Fb like it was some great accomplishment, then even further pleaded to receive me and Other individuals to lead to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just did not have time for, and it appeared like he didn't possibly via the point out of it (very similar to Lori's lazily designed, by no means current FlatEarthConspiracy.

Hi Eric I owe you an apology.....I failed to understand the extent I had been subliminally brainwashed over the years, and have to confess It by no means dawned on me to severely concern what sort of location we live on.

My concern to sphere congregations is ... With out utilizing the UNPROVEN idea of Gravity, how is does a sphere which includes 75% h2o incorporate it on its floor? IF there was gravity, why does not exactly the same power of gravity that is containing that 75% h2o smash us human beings just like a pimple? I In no way have a rational solution. They always often desire to revert to the math for gravity. SMH. I used to be trying to find sensible arguments , which include ...the opportunity of Magnitism...all drinking water includes metals along with human beings. That may are actually an smart argument with out use of gravity. When Obama would like to crack on FE...that makes me more diligent in my analysis. Thanks in your candor.

Yiddish is NOT a Semitic language. She's going to scold anybody who directs any comment for the "jews", nonetheless supports most all posts condemning Freemasons, Jesuits, and the Catholic Church. For somebody who has actually been during the "Truth Motion" for "about 8 several years" you would are convinced she has linked the dots, Or even that is the compromise You need to make for performing politics in Florida. Either way, she's inherently Excellent(as most of us are) but that is still no justification to "forget about" probably the most exclusivist/racist sect that were kicked outside of 109 nations due to the fact 245AD yet continue to Perform the "target" job. Like I the dots!

i found this very last claim to be particularly odd. i utilised to look at a volcano explode every day Once i was being in japan. this footage from hawaii appears to be rather straight-ahead, much too.

Matt (Powerland) Boylan:  This alleged NASA insider turned flat Earth whistle-blower has turned out to get shillspicious in numerous ways. When an individual sent him my documentary in November 2014, Matt instantly contacted me and invited me to skype various moments.  We had a couple phone calls but he did ninety five% in the talking, interrupted me frequently, and recorded some calls without informing me very first.

It's so unfortunate The actual fact people can not step faraway from their lifestyle hood programming, all I needed more info to change me in to flat earth was what we shouldn't see above a certain length, and stubbeling across this information reporter explaining a mirage and that we should not see the whole skyline I did some NLP analysis a view decades back And that i picked up how they plant seeds in your head for additional Mind washing ect ect so I can just hear the propaganda coming out their mouths

Again a great video, I used to be not able to be on-line for any several months and After i arrived again it appeared like the Flat Earth movement is currently Shill Town, include SIMON RAMOS to this list.

Applying only Newton's guidelines and an of Einstein's non-euclidean Area we utilize a thought experiment concerning satellites to show the Earth is in truth Flat from inertial frames of reference.

I happen to be thought of a "crank" by my nearest and dearest for over 30 many years for that "conspiracy" stuff I exploration and think, so why end now?

  Upon signing up for IFERS I gave him my straightforward feeling of his videos, which seemingly he didn't recognize due to the fact the following day he manufactured the silliest shilliest video of all time professing that I am actually David Wilcox!

I could be glad to assist, but I suspect you will require a committed moderator/webmaster for every page. And for the SubReddedit, quite a few IFERS users devoted to aiding fend off trolls by delivering concise points and rebuttals.

I am unable to consider some other shills. I discover it amusing, only simply because I'm pretty peaceful concerning this subject matter, that the listing of shills matches what I've discerned about People figures.

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